Signs Of An Internet Dating Scam And What To Watch Out For


“Stay clear of these internet dating scammers”

Internet users should be aware of the people they meet on dating websites online as more and more people fall prey for internet dating scams. They may feign a harmless friendship, or express romantic interest, or even express intentions to marry you. They usually try to take advantage of your emotional weakness and try to persuade you to send money for anything like, Visa, medical expenses, etc. They also conjure stories to make you give them a helping hand. Sometimes the potential victim is approached by means of showing authority. The next time you encounter a doctor, or a police officer or a lawyer on the internet who shows interest to be acquainted with you, it is most likely to end-up in an attempt to scam you. The amount of money lost in such scams may range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars in the United States.


“Don’t give in to your emotions”

There are a lot of techniques and strategies employed when it comes to internet dating scams. However, cruel it may sound, scammers usually target people who are likely to be under a lot of emotional stress – people with disabilities, widows/widowers, etc. These charlatans certainly follow certain patterns and if you can identify these patterns and signals, you will do yourself a favor by not falling for internet dating scams.
Does it mean one shouldn’t use dating websites? No! You can of course take advantage of dating people through the internet from the comfort of your home. However, you need to be alert and resilient to these kinds of scams. Consider the following red flags in case someone tries to take advantage of you.

Email obsession and discrepancies

Your online ‘date,’ you have been dating for the past couple of weeks is more interested in communicating with you through e-mail or IM (instant messaging) even when there is a messaging system in place on the dating website.
There are a lot of e-mail discrepancies that one needs to look for if your date seems suspicious.
You might get instant responses to your email. If you send them an email, you might get a reply within 5 or 10 minutes. This suggests that they are probably using an automated email responder or simply shows desperation to talk with you.
Do you find the communication to be vague and hard to understand, then you are probably dealing with a scammer. Especially when someone claims to be actually from the United States, their English should be good or at least similar to that of a native speaker.
Do you get appropriate responses to your messages or do you get a feeling that the person at the other end seems like simply copying and pasting text and sending them across. Most of the time, the scammers will use templates which they can edit in a couple of seconds and send them across to you.

Love at first sight

Love at first sight might be true for people who actually meet someone in real life. But if your date proposes love to you instantly, he/she is probably a scammer. You might sometimes get an email with a picture of someone saying that they found your profile on a dating website and they instantly fell head over heels for you. You know for a fact that, the odds of people going crazy about you after taking a good look at your profile picture is very low. So if someone shows great interest towards you after only a few email conversations, you are likely conversing with a con man.

Asks for money (the moment of truth)


“Soon they will start asking for money”

Your date might start asking you for money for a number of reasons like, financial issues and setbacks, medical emergencies, crime victimization, VISA fee, other official documents, hotel bills, hospital bills for their child, and travel expenses. These are strong signs that you are dealing with a scammer. If you are dealing with a dating scammer, he or she will ultimately end up asking you for money, this is the moment of truth. The amount of time the scammer waits before he goes for a kill varies, however, if your date asks for money, don’t respond and report the profile as scam in the dating website.

Looks like a celebrity


“She may look like a celebrity, but she is not real”

This might sound a bit cliché but your date might send a photograph of him/her that looks like it is from a magazine. You know for a fact that it’s really hard to find attractive looking individuals who are interested in you. Anyhow, a fantastically attractive photograph should definitely buzz an alarm in your mind. Many a time pictures of local models and photographs of attractive individuals found on the internet are used to lure in the fish. People who look attractive will also look for love on the internet. However, the next time you get a message from an attractive individual from a dating website, think twice.
The scammer could also claim that he/she is from the same country you belong to and is working or traveling overseas. They might tell you that they were planning to visit you soon, but were not able to because of an unfortunate/tragic event.

How to protect yourself from such online dating scammers?

One should never send money to someone whom they have never met in person, unless they have verified their identity. Also, never share your bank account or credit card details with people you met on the internet

The best to way to avoid such scammer and criminals is to sign-up only in online dating websites which are well-known and reputed.

Never disclose sensitive personal information over a casual online chat session of email conversations. It is also advised not to share this kind of information even on social networking websites like Facebook.
For instance, if you are someone with any kind of physical disability, or if you are someone who has lost a loved one, or if you are a widow, it is a good idea not to share this information on your dating website profile openly.
If you happen to live in the U.S., and the person to whom you intend to send the money also claims to be an U.S. citizen, you can send the money by means of an OCS Trust. Avoid sending the money through services like Western Union, PayPal or MoneyGram. If you send the money through OCS Trust, the money will be routed through the Dept. of State and will be deposited with the nearest U.S. consulate/embassy to be picked up by the person to whom you are sending the money.
Additionally one can contact the Office of Overseas Citizens Services (1-888-407-4747) to verify the person’s identity before dispatching the amount.
A great number of individuals who have tried online dating websites have come across signs of internet dating scams: they will be asked for money in form of a direct deposit, or check or some might even ask your credit card details. There are different versions of stories, but the intention of these scammers remains the same. Their ultimate goal is to rob your hard-earned money. So, stay clear of these scammers and the scam sites. If you read letsbang dating site review here, you can find out that is a scam (According to many reviews conducted). You can spot and stay clear of these type of scam sites by reading the reviews.

If you think you have become a victim of an Internet dating scam, please get in contact with the Internet Crime Complaint Center or if you happen to live in a country other than the United States, get in touch with the respective crime complaint cell and provide them with all the details.

The Sexiest Musical Instruments to Play

“Girls love a guy who knows how to play a musical instrument”

“Girls love a guy who knows how to play a musical instrument”


Every woman is turned on by a guy that can play an instrument. That being said, all musical instruments aren’t created equal, and there’s a definite division in which instruments actually turn a woman on and make her want to see more of you. While this might vary from woman to woman, there are a few different types to consider before you pick up a new hobby and learn to play something new, so keep that in mind and figure out what kind of woman you’re actually up for attracting to your bedroom. There’s a big difference between the rocker chick and an elegant ballroom lady!

Playing The Guitar

“Your girlfriend would love it, if you play guitar for her”

“Your girlfriend would love it, if you play guitar for her”

A lot of men go for this classic when they want to learn how to play something, and it’s a really good choice overall. Chances are, there’s music readily available for you if you want to learn a certain song, and it’s not even like there’s going to be a sex hookup scam site telling you not to play this because it’ll turn a lady off! Most women like a man that can play the guitar, and often times it’ll even remind them of some of their favorite members of other bands.

You have a few choices if you are going to learn to play the guitar. Acoustic guitars are easily portable and also usually a bit cheaper to start out using. You can always serenade your girl with an acoustic guitar after just whipping it right out and sitting it in your lap to strum out a few tunes. Also, they’re pretty simple to learn right from the get-go. A few lessons and you’ll be able to charm any lady into your bed with your ballads…assuming you can also carry a tune.

“Guitar is often considered to be a romantic instrument”

“Guitar is often considered to be a romantic instrument”

Electric guitars are a bit different. If you’re out for that sexy glam rocker chick down at the club, this might be the choice for you, but it’s not going to have the same effect if you aren’t in a band. Consider this choice carefully, or you’ll just end up alone all over again.

The Saxophone

“Impress her by playing a romantic tune on the saxophone”

“Impress her by playing a romantic tune on the saxophone”

For the jazz enthusiast, a saxophone is one heck of a sexy instrument to wrap your hands around. If you’re courting a lady that is into jazz music into your bed, learning to play the tenor saxophone might be a great way to get her to land her eyes on you.

When you’re learning the saxophone, what you’ve got to realize is that it isn’t going to be something that happens overnight. We’re not like a bunch of sex hookup scam sites that claim that everything is a magical transformation and extremely easy; learning a new musical instrument takes work, and saxophone is definitely one of those that isn’t going to sound gorgeous straight out of the case. If you’re serious about learning it, take some actual lessons to get a feel for it. You’re not going to be swinging from the rafters in a jazz club after a few weeks, but you’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly. Practice makes perfect after all, and this is for the sake of your awesome hookups!

Piano Players And Those Magic Fingers

“Make her sit on the piano table while you play her favorite tune”

“Make her sit on the piano table while you play her favorite tune”

There is nothing more picturesque than a smoky nightclub piano player with a gorgeous lady perched atop the piano itself, or even sharing the bench with you while you’re playing. If you want a more elegant, refined lady in her tastes, then this is probably the way you should go. Not saying all ladies that like piano players are that type, but you’ve got a better chance of finding one!

Piano is a classic instrument that a lot of people learned when they were kids, only to toss it aside and never think of it again. What a lot of men don’t realize is that it’s one heck of a chick magnet. Ladies go crazy for a guy that can play piano and do it well. Piano players can be serious rockstars among the community, and there’s just something special about a guy that has a reach on a keyboard like that. Talented fingers much?

If you’ve got some big hands on you, piano really might be a good choice. It’s easier to pick up than a lot of instruments, but don’t expect any of those magical transformations overnight. As always, lessons are the key to learning a musical instrument properly.

Your Very Own…Voice!

“Sing to impress her”

“Sing to impress her”

Seriously, what woman doesn’t love a man that can belt it out? A lot of people don’t realize that their voice is actually considered a musical instrument, but it definitely is. Even a scam sex hookup site will tell you that your voice is a big part of wooing a woman, so learn to sing!

Hopefully, you can at least carry a tune. Even if you can’t, then you should at least try for some simple stuff to really make her turn her head and give you a second glance. If your voice is that bad, then stick to something short, cute, and funny. Music has a lot of charm to it, and your voice can lend itself to that in a lot of different ways. Making her laugh is a big key to actually getting her in the sack and having a fun hookup with her!

You don’t have to belt out love songs to her, but you can definitely impress her with some sexy tunes somewhere down the line. A great way to showcase your voice, especially if you’ve got a really nice one, is to take her to a karaoke night. She can see how good of a singer you are, and heck, she might even join in. Music can really sexually charge a night, and that’ll be a good start for your evening before you even get back to the bedroom.

The Elegant Violin

This isn’t for the faint of heart, and can take years of practice to get down right. That being said, maybe you’re already skilled in the art of violin playing, and no, we aren’t talking about tiny sad violins that only play when you find a new failure of a sex dating site scam.

Violins can be extremely sexy when played right, no matter if you’re the concert master of an orchestra or an Irish fiddler. Their sounds are mournful and beautiful or bright and cheerful, and a woman can appreciate the violin on several different levels. There’s also no shortage of music to pull from in order to please your lady, so you are left ripe with a ton of options if you’re actually pretty skilled!

No matter what instrument you choose, there are a dozen more options that can depend on your particular situation and the lady that you’re trying to hook-up with. For all you know, she might be a fan of the flute, so you can pick that up and give it a whirl. Whatever instrument she thinks is sexy, just remember there’s nothing sexy about a dude that sucks at it and doesn’t admit it, so either practice, or just laugh it off and include her in the fun. Either way, you’ll have a great time and hopefully woo her into the sack! Also, an important thing to keep in mind – you must check the ratings of the website before choosing a hook-up partner from it. Read the review of the book of sex website for dating and protect yourself from sex hookup online scams.

Why Do Young Women Date Older Men? Understanding Their Motives!


“Jerry Seinfeld and Jessica Sklar”

What do couples like Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas, Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgarten, Clint Eastwood and Dina Ruiz and Jerry Seinfeld and Jessica Sklar have in common? These pairings are May-December romances between an older man and a much younger woman. For many older men, dating younger women doesn’t seem to be out of the question. Younger women entering into romantic relationships with much older men are now more common than most of us care to think.
These romantic partnerships with a significant age gap are brought about not necessarily by a scarcity of men but due to the most part that many younger women really choose to date a much older man. They like to visit sites to find established men. If you want you can read the review of established men here: EstablishedMen Review – We Tested – Is It a Scam? . You can check all the comparing & ratings to make sure it’s legit.

The girl who likes older men


“She likes older men”

Younger women see older men as more mature and experienced than their younger counterparts. Having been around for long, their experience in many areas of their lives give them common sense and insight to situations that younger men may not necessarily have. Women appreciate someone who has knowledge and experience to offer them.
Older men also may have established themselves financially and women find them more suitable candidates for a relationship since they are more financially secure. They may already have acquired assets and established business connections affording them quality time for their respective relationships. This kind of life can be appealing to a woman who seeks security and reliability in a mate.
Older men are also viewed as traditional in the sense that they will display gentleman qualities that younger men may not be very keen. They will hold out the door, pull out a chair in a restaurant, take the danger side while walking and of course pay the bill. Women find the consideration very appealing and will certainly feel appreciated and loved.
And since women mature faster than men, young women may find men of their age group unappealing. Remember Romeo and Juliet? Juliet was 14 while Romeo was 17 and yet, despite the age gap, Juliet proved to be more mature than Romeo. Younger men are immature and prefer dating younger women who are their equal in maturity. Mature men on the other hand, already had ample time to grow and develop, and is likely to complement the maturity level of a younger woman.
Younger women can identify a father figure in an older man – a mentor who will be a source of advice and comfort. Being wise in the ways of the world, they may have a lot more to offer in the pleasure department that younger men may still be trying to develop and perfect.

Daddy Issues


“A woman with Daddy issues is hard to handle”

Daddy issue, otherwise known as Electra complex or Bernfield factor, is a theory that tries to explain how a girl who received inadequate fathering may trigger some sort of desire to seek attention from mature males. In a sense, daddy issues suggest that a female is not complete and seeks some form of fatherly relationship with mates.
A strong father or male presence in a girl’s life does have an effect on her self-esteem. Being appreciated and nurtured by a father figure, equip girls and women with self confidence that allows them to prosper in their relationships. Without that nurturing, girls may express this inadequacy by seeking out a positive input from an older man or a father figure. A woman working out this complex in her system may attempt to make her present relationships serve a need that was not adequately fulfilled during her younger years. This produces poor relationships with men unless and until a woman is able to reconcile her past father/daughter relationship.
Despite the psychological attempt to analyze May-December romances, there are a number of women who insist that despite their involvement with mature men, it has nothing to do with the relationship they have with their father. It’s hard to imagine Catherine Zeta-Jones looking for a father figure in Michael Douglas and she doesn’t seem to be banking on Michael’s bank account to support her either.
Nevertheless, experts do agree that women mature faster than men with males actually maturing only around age 32. This largely explains why some women can get along well with older men if they are emotionally of the same level in development. Whether or not daddy issues are present in the relationship, its success will still largely depend on the parties who are involved in making things work for the better.
Initially, a woman’s preference in mates may be affected largely in part by her family upbringing but the success of the partnership may ultimately depend on the choices she makes on how to make the relationship work.

The tragedy of outsourcing maturity, the downside to May-December romances


“The celebrity couple broke up after 13 years of marriage”

Women generally like to be pampered and taken care of and mature men generally know how to put their act together making them very attractive options. Their authority and sense of certainty gives an impression of reliability.
Nevertheless, for a girl who likes older men, things may not necessarily turn out to be rosy. The privilege of dating older men may make her feel sophisticated and privileged. But the price for such a dalliance may cost and prove to be very high. Older men have ingrained habits and are less flexible. And in the words of a society girl who dated high profile men old enough to be her father, they have a Pygmalion-like desire to “mould” you. Of which at this point, money may provide no consolation.
Then there is the issue of children. There are stories of older men who merely prefer the companionship of younger women, refusing fatherhood when it happens. The younger partner, if not so keen about her desires, may be prevailed upon leading to miserable and sometimes unfortunate consequences. In the case of one young woman who had married a 54 year old, she had agreed to forego motherhood and secretly felt wretched. When she got pregnant, her husband insisted on an abortion. She later filed for a divorce and is still childless. Children borne out of these unions may also stand the chance of not being able to see their father into their adulthood.
As time passes, younger women grow older and the men, more so. Eventually, they may not be able to deliver in the bedroom and the young wife may be left to hanker for younger men with pectorals who can actually continue all night.

Is age then just a number?

For women involved with older men, it probably is. Time may not be on their side but in the words of famous Hollywood actress, Mae West “It’s not the men in my life that counts; it’s the life in my men.”
Women who appreciate and prefer the oft intellectually stimulating company of older men, may choose to share their lives with an older beau over younger one who do not yet have the ornament of experience. They may enter into the relationship for reasons other than money and share their life like all women who marry the man of their dreams. Despite the age gap, what they get out of it may not be that different from what any normal couples does – a chance to love and be loved.

The Secrets of Fat Burning: Myths and Facts

Losing weight is not a magical process. It takes energy and effort. Nutritional supplements and miracle cures have been present throughout the history of modern medicine, whether quack products or an online scam. The best way to approach weight loss isn’t by crash dieting or allowing yourself to fantasize that all you have to do is wake up every morning, take a fat burning pill, eat a Big Mac for lunch and dinner, and fall asleep on the couch eating a bag of potato chips. While fat burning supplements can certainly assist in weight loss (and the best are scientifically proven to do so), it takes a vigorous and dedicated workout schedule and a comprehensive approach to successfully lose the amount of pounds you’re looking to shed.

Myth: Pop a Pill, Lose a Pound

“No – it does not work like that”

“No – it does not work like that”

Supplements give you an extra boost to help your body melt fat faster than if you were to simply stick to a traditional regimen of exercise, fitness, and eating habits. While altering your eating habits to help lose weight is very effective – and necessary – there are particular nutrients such as Vitamin D and calcium that have been proven to help burn fat. ( However, it’s a well known fact that simply taking a pill won’t make you lose weight. Dependable reviews of fat burner products always take exercise into account. Legit fat burner products that aren’t a scam should always be used in tandem with other fitness elements.

You should also have a fitness plan in place, such as how much time you’re going to spend exercising each day, the type of exercise you plan to do, and where you want to lose weight. There’s also the question of building muscle – do you want to simply trim your waist or build your biceps? Weight loss tactics are specific and should be planned carefully. You can also go to the gym and consult with the staff. They’re usually knowledgeable about which machines are attuned to what body parts and you don’t have to pay an exorbitant fee for a pricey personal trainer. As with all fitness plans, consult with your primary care physician in regards to what combination of supplements, exercise, and foods is ideal for you to lose the weight you want.

Scam Weight Loss Products

“Don’t fall for the scam weight loss pills”

“Don’t fall for the scam weight loss pills”

There are a lot of weight loss products out there that claim to have the ability to make you lose weight faster or more efficiently. The truth is that only a routine of regular exercise, healthy eating, and safe, reliable products (used as directed) will result in successful weight loss. For example, pills that “block carbs” or “block calories” are simply a myth designed to cater to people who want a quick fix without doing anything else. Products like these aren’t tested and often end up in massive recalls. Not only are they ineffective, but they can also be downright dangerous. ( It’s always best to research reviews of fat burner products to see which ones are legitimate and which ones aren’t. The FDA is a good resource to see if there’s been any massive recalls on hoax products, and whether or not they did the customers harm. There are two things you can protect by avoiding scam products: your health and your wallet.

Scam products will make outrageous claims, advertising their “magical” pill that can make you look 10 years younger and 10 pounds skinnier overnight. They might claim that you don’t have to exercise or change your unhealthy eating habits to lose weight, and that all you have to do is pop a pill every morning or afternoon to have your body magically start converting fat to muscle. This is scientifically untrue, and as the saying goes, anything that’s too good to be true probably is. The best approach to figuring out what legitimate weight loss products are right for you is to consult with your doctor.

Exercise Also Isn’t Magical

“Only exercise is not going to work either – combine it with a good diet”

“Only exercise is not going to work either – combine it with a good diet”

While exercise is a necessary – and often central – component to a weight loss regimen, you also have to pair it with other elements, such as healthy eating and supplements. Do you want to lose fat fast? Then visit to find out the best fat burner supplements in the market and take them. If you read reviews of fat burner products, you’ll get a sense of which combination of elements is right for you. There are specific types of foods that also work effectively with supplements to burn fat faster and more efficiently, such as a diet high in protein and supplemental vitamins. (

If you’re going to use a fat burning supplement simultaneously with your program of exercise, you can also talk to the gym staff about what they’ve found works for people. Obviously don’t embark on any chemical mission to create a cocktail of diet pills and super foods to alter your body chemistry. However, you can certainly get advice about times of the day to eat, what to eat, and when to exercise. For example, running is a great workout for the body, and lots of articles have shown it has major benefits for personal fitness. However, if you’re looking to burn a specific type of fat – belly fat versus your buttocks, for example – you’ll need to focus on that area in the right way. You can start with a supplement that already aids in fat burning, and you’ve got a head start, but the way to really optimize your combination of weight loss tactics is to make sure you’re using the right machine to burn fat from the right places.

Myth: Body Wraps

“It is a myth”

“It is a myth”

Body wraps, or insulated attire that fit around your body to create heat, are another one of the most well-known snake oil sales in the world of “too good to be true” weight loss scams. The basic idea is that you wrap your body up in a suit that causes you to sweat and drop pounds. In reality, the only pounds being shed are water weight, and as soon as you replenish your body’s fluids – which you need to anyway – the “weight” you lost will return. ( The fact of the matter is that this is not only a rip off, but it’s also dangerous. Depriving your body of the fluids it needs to survive can cause damage, and is also highly uncomfortable. Body wraps have been around for decades and are perfect examples of advertisers using quack science to convince consumers of a result that is fundamentally false. It makes sense, in some way, that heating up your body and sweating will make you lose weight – that’s what happens when you exercise, after all. In reality, what it really boils down to is that the real, modern science behind losing weight solely from sweating is totally untrue and even harmful. Always check up on weight loss claims from official sources, like reading the FDA’s recommendations or talking to your doctor in person. That’s why they’re there – to keep you safe and healthy.

Beware any weight loss product that claims to have the power to make you lose weight or convert fat to muscle by lying back, taking a nap, and expecting to wake up 15 pounds lighter. It takes dedication and some discomfort to really lose weight and keep it off. While weight loss supplements that are scientifically proven to help burn fat are effective when used in combination with a balanced plan for weight loss, there is no magical panacea to drop 15 pounds overnight.

How To Use Cam Sites To Explore Your Secret Fetish Fantasies

“Explore your Secret fetishes”

“Explore your Secret fetishes”

Did you know that you can use cam sites to find a number of different fetishes that might be of interest to you? You could potentially find an interesting fetish that you never knew you were into when you go to a site like this. It’s a fun thing to check out because there are so many different places that you can visit to find interesting things that might be of use to you.

The thing is that many different live cam sites will give you different options for fetishes. In fact, you can use different sites to take a look at whatever it is that might potentially arouse you. You might even find something new that is especially attractive and fun for you to get into. You just need to try out different fetishes so you can find something fun to get into. There are many live cam sites
out there. You can choose the top cam sites by reading the reviews of sex cam sites. The best site would have different options for your fetishes.

The reason why you should think about finding your fetish is because it will help you figure out which type of woman you might be more interested in above everyone else. You’ll have a better time enjoying a good site if you know what fetish you are really interested in. The appealing point about fetishes is that just about everyone has a fetish that really turns someone one. The choices you have to go with are interesting and special but you should check carefully just to see what you might like the most.

Many Sites Have Specific Spots

The big point about finding your secret fetishes when going online is that different sites tend to include sections that showcase women in different forms. You can find fetishes based on things like a woman’s physical dimension, her hair, eye color and other interesting points. Some places will even go as far as to offer different kinds of fetishes that showcase sexy activities. You should certainly try this out just to get an idea of what might come around a site.

These places are often mixed in with each other but they include different fetishes that are often commonplace among many people who like to watch women do specific things. They are sites that often entertain others who just want to watch women do specific points. It’s often interesting to see how different kinds of sites might be of use for whatever you want to add and check out while you are online.

Which Category Do You Belong To?

“So, what are you interested in?”

“So, what are you interested in?”

When finding fetishes online you need to consider how there are different fetishes that might be interesting to you above all other choices open to you. There are three different categories that you can find these fetishes in. A media fetish is one where you will be interested in a woman who is interested in wearing something. A form fetish involves the shape of something being the big point that influences what gets you off. An animate fetish will focus on a very specific part of the body like the feet, legs, breasts and other parts of the body. The biggest part of many live cam sites is that they will cater to just about every single kind of fetish that anyone might belong to. Of course, you should think carefully about what type of fetish you belong to so you will know what interests you the most.

These categories obviously do not include any of the bizarre fringe fetishes that you might find in some places. We’ll get to some of these particular fetishes in just a bit but they are all ones that are very different and unusual and should be checked to see what’s around. Until then, you might be better off sticking with some of the basic terms that you might get into when finding different fetishes that really interest you in some way even if they are plain ones.

Try Things and You Might Like Them

“Many people have a foot fetish”

“Many people have a foot fetish”

It’s always a good idea to go through different fetish sites just to see if there’s something that really turns you on above all else. These include sites that might cover everything ranging from larger women to women in certain races. You can even find places with tall or short women alike. The places that are covered on these sites will vary but they often include women who are just there because they really want to perform for you above all else.

The best thing to do is to simply check out different fetish cams on live cam sites just to see what’s around. The choices you have to go with are going to vary based on what you find but they are all choices that are worth trying at least once. Anyone who wants to get into something could easily find it if the right places are checked beforehand just to see what’s around.

Not every site is going to have the same fetishes. You just need to try out different places to see what’s around so you might find something that fits in with what you like the most. The wide variety of different cam sites that you can choose from will only give you more options to go with when finding stuff that will certainly be of use to you. You just have to check online to see what’s around when finding things that are really great for you to spot.

Weird Fetishes Might Be Included

“Leather fetish is one of the old ones”

“Leather fetish is one of the old ones”

Many live cam sites will showcase just about any kind of fetish but there are some bizarre fetishes that might tickle your fancy just as well. These are more advanced fetishes that tend to be a little more specific or interesting but they are the ones that can still be checked and thought about just in case you are interested in them. Some places might cater to those with doraphilia, the fetish where you would get some kind of arousal over watching people wearing leather or some other kind of skin. Satin fetishes where people wear large amounts of satin are also interesting as they relate to how some women might wear satin fabrics in order to look sexy or refined.

There are also some fetishes that you might find of interest although some of them are a little more bizarre than others. Urolagina is one such example as it involves people who get off from urination. While some people are interested in this stuff, not everyone is going to be like what R. Kelly supposedly is like and get turned on by it. Therefore, you might have to watch for what’s going on a site when finding such a fetish like this.

Not every site is going to have these bizarre fetishes but you should at least try them out if you are adventurous. The odds are you might find something that you never knew you were all that interested in. Sometimes this can result in something where you will find something fascinating and unique in some way but the terms that come out such a place will certainly vary according to what you want to use.

Remember, the world of fetishes is very strong and varied. You can find one of many different fetishes on a good site if you look hard enough for something. Just be aware of how different kinds of live cam sites will have different sections that are of use to you. There’s always a good chance that you might find a fetish that is very entertaining to you and adds to whatever it is you might like to watch above all else.

Using a Shared Blog as a Form of Online eLearning Participation on Sites like Siminars

Through the various eLearning solutions and tools such as Siminars, you can create a course on any topic you choose. We have reviewed the tool for your convenience. Check Siminars Review: Is This eLearning Software User-Friendly? and learn more about Siminars eLearning tool. Through the course, you have the freedom to select the style of engagement or student participation that you want. Some of the most common forms of student engagement include forums, worksheets, workbooks, quizzes, and others. But you may find that you increase your rate of retention and even new student incorporation by adding a new form of eLearning: the shared blog.
Shared blogs allow for a group experience. It typically engages students in working with one another, allowing them to learn from one another just as much as from you. It’s not necessary for you to set up a shared blog separate from tools for eLearning on Siminars, but it can serve as a valuable supplement. If you decide that you want to pursue this option, you need to take some things into consideration so you can get the most out of it.

Establish the Core of the Blog’s Purpose

“Know your blog’s purpose”

“Know your blog’s purpose”

Shared blogs can have a number of different purposes. Ask yourself what purpose you want this blog to serve. That core focus defines everything about the blog, including the necessary details such as whether it should be on a separate platform or simply linked in.
The main reasons for include a shared blog are to
Allow students to share their experiences
Provide opportunities for student based critique and feedback
Develop networking connections between the students
Establish a support group between the students
Develop and create new ideas for the real life application of the course
You can choose to have more than one goal. Unlike calls to action and advertising purposes, it’s all right to incorporate more than one goal or purpose. Try to prioritize the goals and any others that you may come up with. The main reason that you want to prioritize the goals is to make sure that you understand that core purpose. The core purpose allows you to tailor the requirements and encourage the students to participate in necessary activities.

Set Up Rules and Requirements

“Don’t forget to set up some ground rules”

“Don’t forget to set up some ground rules”

You should not set up a shared blog without setting forth the particular rules and requirements. The rules and requirements need to include all of the necessary conduct as well as the things that they should not do.
Prohibited conduct must be spelled out explicitly. You don’t have to list every possible example for prohibited content, but make sure that you are specific enough that students understand the limits. You don’t want to have to remove someone for the blog and then explain why he wasn’t warned.
If you intend to have limits on the number of blog posts that a student can post at once, specify this. You should make sure to also give information on the acceptable length as well as subject matter. Some students may try to post affiliate links. Make sure that they know if that is allowed or not. Remember that low quality affiliate links can negatively affect your ranking, but if the blog is a private one, that might not be the problem. The bigger problem is that it may annoy the other students.
If you decide that you want everyone to contribute a certain number of posts, remember that you will have to enforce this requirement. Determine what the appropriate action is if a student fails to participate in the posts, and make that clear as well.

Set Up a Few Sample Posts When Starting Out

“Prepare some sample posts to depict a professional look to your blog”

“Prepare some sample posts to depict a professional look to your blog”

When you’re first setting up shared blog to supplement the Siminars eLearning tools, make sure that you put together a few sample posts. The sample posts themselves should showcase the preferred format. You might find it the most beneficial to label these posts as “Sample Post 01″ or something like that. By doing this, you make the blog look more professional, and you also give students a standard to go by. Sample posts should be bookmarked so that students can find them easily. As you get additional students signing up for your Siminars eLearning course and tools, you need to make sure that the samples don’t get buried in all the great content.

Provide Regularly Scheduled Content

One of the benefits of shared blogs is that you have a special access to your students. Secret blogs hold particular fascination to people because the content is exclusive to them. You might want to make this even more appealing by providing regularly scheduled content on the blog just for the students in the course.
Obviously, you don’t have lots of time to prepare additional content for the blog. A blog post once every week or once every two weeks or even once a month is sufficient. Just make sure that it is of a high enough quality. You can even increase the overall value of the online course by offering lifelong membership to the shared blog. You might not want to let everyone have access to sharing posts, but you can allow them to read the content as long as they choose.

Coordinate with the Students

Personally coordinate with all of the students as they sign up with the site. Let them know about the shared blog and the purpose that you want it to serve. Don’t assume that they can just figure it out. If you have a number of students who sign on the first time, you might want to consider assigning participation times on the blog. This way, students don’t feel self conscious about being the first one to post. If, on the other hand, you have students signing up at random times, you can just share the standards that you expect from the blog posts and the number of responses.

Monitor All Content

“Don’t forget to monitor the content”

“Don’t forget to monitor the content”

No matter what purpose you set up for the blog, make sure that you monitor all the content. It’s up to you whether you want to have final approval on each blog post before you let it go to print, so to speak. But do not let content be shared without making sure you approve of it.
Depending on your state, you will have different levels of responsibility based on the content and the harm that it causes to others. Cyber bullying requires immediate attention, and most states are developing various responses to this issue. Nothing has been finalized though.
Monitoring the content is essential for overall quality control. You don’t have to edit the posts, but make sure that the posts advance the purpose of the shared blog.

Remember Your Responsibility

Remember that your role on the shared blog is an administrator, instructor, and facilitator. It makes a tremendous difference in how you behave. While it’s all right for the students to engage in spirited debate, you should be cautious about being overtly biased if you want to keep your students believing that you are an unbiased instructor. It doesn’t mean that you can’t have opinions, but you must be careful not to engage in flame wars or baiting. This becomes particularly important if you choose to set up a shared blog where people share their experiences and the journey through the course.

Looking Your Best on Kajabi, Siminars, Ruzuku, and Other Online Learning Platforms


“Get the best online learning platform”

In a surprising conclusion drawn by both the Hanover Research Council and the United States Department of Education, online learning courses were found to be more beneficial in the long term than traditional classroom courses. Students were apparently better able to focus on complex material and maintain greater memory of the coursework than they otherwise were able to do in a traditional classroom setting. As the New York Times states clearly, the online classroom will not replace the traditional classroom, but it does mean that online courses are set to expand dramatically in the upcoming years.
What makes online learning courses that are not affiliated with a university so appealing is that they can provide the same level of information at a much lower price. At the same time, they can provide a strong source of income for information product developers. One development that is not exciting is that the most successful online courses involved a video component. Such courses seem to do better than those that do not. Whether you decide to use Kajabi, Siminars, Ruzuku, or another online learning platform, adding videos to your program can make your course more successful. They can also make your course less successful if you don’t prepare your videos appropriately. You can check the review of the tool. Read Kajabi Review – Is It Any Good For Building Info Products? Find out more about kajabi and make the right choice. Here are some other things you need to do to make sure that the videos you present to your class put you in a better light rather.

Dress Professionally


“Dressing professionally would impress your students”

Remember that when you appear on the screen in the video, you are giving your students a lasting impression of who you are. In most cases, it’s best to dress professionally or at least appropriately for the subject you plan to talk about. Try to put this image in line with the one that you cultivate on your primary information product site. For most people, it works best if the instructor dresses in business casual to business wear.
At the very least, make sure that no undergarments are showing, your clothes are neat, and you don’t have anything in your teeth. Check to make sure that clothing isn’t gathered up or gaping. And check yourself in the mirror to make sure that you look as good as you want to look for your students. You may find it more helpful to do a test camera shot before you start recording the actual lesson. It’s better to find out before you film the entire lesson that you need to sew that button back on that is to find out after you are all done with the lesson.

Keep the Background Neat and Tidy


“Record your video in front of a clear background”

Since you’re going to be filming this in your own office or home, make sure that the background area is neat and tidy. You don’t have to purchase an actual backdrop though you can do this if you want to appear especially professional. The instructors on sites like Kajabi film from a number of locations. The one thing to remember is that you don’t want to give the wrong impression about who you are.
An untidy environment gives the impression that you yourself are disorganized. It can also be quite distracting as your students try to figure out what that pile of things holds in the corner. In general, all of your activities and interactions with your potential students should be convincing them more that you are trustworthy, professional, and someone whom they can rely on to give them good information. While the absent-minded professor might have been lovably rumpled most of the time, that’s not you, and he made a terrible businessman.

Invest in Good Lighting


“Good Lighting is imperative”

The lighting in your video makes an enormous difference. Make sure that you don’t make it too bright or too dark. To be the most flattering, try to use yellow based lights. They tend to be more flattering. Fluorescent lights, on the other hand, draw out the flaws and imperfections in your skin. They can also make you look between 10 and 15 pounds heavier.
Investing in a movable light might be the better choice. You can pick one up at an affordable rate at most of your film stores as well as your art stores. Set the light slightly off center. You don’t want the light shining directly onto the camera or directly in your eyes. Test it a few times while recording to see which angle and light intensity gives you the effect you want.

Film Using a Tripod

The “found film” genre has a few staunch supporters. Through films like the Blair Witch Project and Chronicle, the audience watches a film that looks like an amateur or a student shot it in pieces. The results typically involve off-center images, shaking hands and trembling camera, and an inability to quite focus on anything really exciting. There’s a reason that these films generally don’t move far beyond the cult classic status. Your online students won’t appreciate a found film style lesson.
Whether you use Kajabi or Siminars, your students expect some level of professionalism. The least you can do is invest in a tripod. Your best friend or coworker holding the camera up while you speak will not produce professional results. Set the camera up on the tripod approximately 3 feet away from you for the best results.

Practice Before You Film

Even though it’s not a big film or a Broadway musical, most people get some level of stage fright before filming. To avoid this and to be able to speak with confidence during the lesson, go through a few practice sessions before you film. Walk through all the steps of the lesson, and make sure that you hit the big points. Tell the stories, give the examples, make the expressions, and stop for emphasis. Pretend that it’s real. The more you practice, the more comfortable you will become.

Do Some Test Runs

Don’t just start filming after you have done a few practice runs. You need to do at least one test run with the film, the lighting, the outfit, and all the props that you intend to use for the lesson. In fact, you should plan on doing more than one. Through the test runs, you present the lesson, and then you analyze it to make sure you are providing the best product possible. On sites like Kajabi that tend to be a little more expensive, you want to make sure that every aspect of your online learning course demonstrates your value. Watch this dress rehearsal, and make the necessary changes to increase the quality of your online lessons.

Create a Script But Do Not Read It


“Read the script beforehand and prepare yourself”

To make the entire process smoother, take the time to create a script for each lesson. The script should lay out all the point that you want to make. But here’s the catch. Don’t read it on the screen. The point of the script is not to give you something to read. You just need to have it there so that you can refer back to it for major points and to make sure that you are familiar with everything that you want to say. According to Writer’s Digest, crafting a good script will help you to do better when you are speaking in front of the camera even if you don’t refer back to it.

Ways To Pamper Her That You’ve Never Thought Of

The word on the street, or really, on every online fling or dating site, is that you pamper a woman by giving her your credit card and a day at the spa. There are a lot of women that will really enjoy that, and your newest fling might be one of them, but that doesn’t mean you have to do that every single time. A lot of the time, a woman will appreciate a more personal touch, and there are a lot of ways to really pamper her that you may not realize are considered pampering in the truest sense of the word.

Give Her A Manicure or Pedicure


“She would love to get a manicure or pedicure”

Yes, she can go to the spa for this, and heck, they will probably do a better job unless you yourself are a professional at this sort of thing. That being said, there’s a certain intimacy that comes with taking care of your girl like this, and especially helping her with her beauty care. There are a few things that you can do here that a bunch of online fling dating sites hasn’t mentioned before. You can not only give her a pedicure or manicure, but you can help file her nails, massage her hands, and help buff out her nails. You can give her a foot massage, which often times will have your girl squirming and sighing by the end of it. She will feel like a real princess, and undoubtedly incredibly relaxed by the end of it all.

Bake Her Something


“Yes, men can bake too”

Baking is often considered a feminine thing, and there are a lot of men that are actually afraid of the kitchen. If they aren’t afraid of the kitchen, then they are afraid of making a lot of pretty, delicate things, particular baked goods. That need not be the case! If you’ve got a knack for the kitchen, then consider baking her cake, or even some cupcakes. You don’t need a reason to do this. You can just surprise her one afternoon after work, and watch her face light up. Bake her assortment of cupcakes, or just stick to her absolute favorite kind. She will be thrilled, and really touched by the sentiment. There are few things more pampering than food, after all!

Bubble Baths

If we are going to go back to spa treatments, then really consider the treat of a luxurious bubble bath within your own home. Your girl will love the fact that her man spent the time to go and find her new, luxurious bath oils and run her an amazing bubble bath, ready just in time when she gets home for work. This is the best way to spoil a woman, and keep her around for more! She will enjoy the thoughtful touches of it, especially if you take the time to light some candles, make a trail out of rose petals… you know, all those cheesy romantic things that you see in movies. Truth is, they really will make her blush, especially if you time it all just right. The best of online dating and fling sites know what they’re talking about with this sort of thing!

Dressing Up Just For Her


“Wear a well tailored suit to impress her”

Men ask women to dress up for them all the time. You want your girl in lingerie, you want her in pretty dresses, you want her to do her hair and makeup all just for you–but when do you really dress up for her? It isn’t as if women don’t appreciate a well-put together man; it’s the complete opposite, actually. Women love a man in a well-tailored suit, so why don’t you go out of your way to put one on for her? You can serve her dinner while dressed up nicely, smelling of perfectly layered cologne and freshly shaved, and by the end of the night, she’ll be grabbing at your tie to drag you down for a bit of fun.

Brush or Wash Her Hair

A lot of women might feel a little weird about having their hair cared for at first, but let her know that you think it’s gorgeous, and that you’d love to have your hands buried in it. Your girlfriend will love the touch of your hands in her hair once you show her you want to help her take care of it. Let her show you how she likes to have it brushed, and how to best wash it. That’s an excuse to hop in the shower together, and hey, every single one of the best online fling and dating sites know where that is going to head by the end of the night. Treat her and her hair right, and you have a one-way ticket to her heart and bed.

Well-Placed Touches


“Give her a foot massage”

It doesn’t take much for a lot of women to really feel like you are giving them some amazing attention. A lot of little touches can be amazingly pampering or even erotic to them, so keep that in mind. You can brush aside her hair when you are walking past and place a kiss to the back of her neck. You can rub slow, easy circles on the back of her hand when she’s looking a little stressed. You can rub a thumb over her cheek, just in passing, and give her a brief, faint smile. Things like that, no matter how small, make it very clear that you are paying attention to her, are interested in her, and want to spend even more time with her later.

Along the same lines, you can leave special messages for her that doesn’t have a special occasion attached to them. Wait until she is gone or when you know she has her phone off, and leave her a voicemail or text that she will get later, talking about how you are thinking of her or what you want to do with her later that night. Leave a note taped to her fridge before you leave after having sex, or leave a flower on her pillow with a note attached. There are so many options that will make her feel special and pampered that take you about five seconds to do, and they aren’t always the most obvious option, either! And bonus: if you want to be super cheesy, you can cut out a bunch of paper hearts and help them lead the way to your newest message or gift that you’ve left her behind for absolutely no reason at all. She’ll probably laugh at how stupidly romantic it all is, but isn’t that the point? You want her happy and enjoying herself, because that’s the surefire way to keep her around for more.

There is a ton of dating and fling websites out there online that don’t tell you the simplest things about making a woman feel special and pampered.
For example, you can read a site review like onlinebooticall reviews here:, the fling online dating sites that are exposed here aren’t good. Men on these websites don’t ever have successful flings that are fun, enjoyable, and actually have women that keep coming back for more. If you do even just a couple of these particular things, you will have women climbing up you like a tree, begging for more!

How To Deal With Rejection In Online Dating


“Deal with online dating rejection”

Dating online is like having a conversation blindfolded. You don’t know exactly who it is you’re talking to. All you have is a picture and a profile. So, it is a must that you choose only the legit personals websites. Some of which are mentioned here: These best online dating sites give you a sense of relief and you may start believing that you won’t get scammed. However, there isn’t any guarantee. When you initiate contact to a prospect, they may or may not choose to respond and that’s that. Although rejection of this sort is easier to deal with, not all rejections are easy to take. The lesser emotional investment you have in a relationship, the easier it is to walk away and of course handle a brush off.

The nature of a rejection


“Figure out why you were rejected in the first place”

Rejection is the result of failing to reach an expectation or standard. The failure could be factual or a fantasy. Rejection deals with our sense of self worth – “I am not good enough”.
Fantasy rejection happens when we believe that we have been or will be rejected by some failure that has not yet in fact happened. Such perceptions are unhealthy because they cause us to defend ourselves against something that doesn’t exist. Rejection attacks our emotions thus explains our sometimes illogical reactions to innocent deeds, words or situations.
Factual rejections on the other hand involve a number of types.
Just go away rejection. – This kind involves a dismissal that states in no uncertain terms your prospect’s disinterest in you.
I’m just not into you rejection. – Your prospect may have entertained you initially but discovered that you and she may not be a good fit.
I like you but I don’t love you rejection – Like the earlier type, your prospect may have entertained you and you may even had shared some heavy correspondence. Both of you may even have hit it off. Nevertheless, it was not enough to have gotten things off the ground.
It’s not you it’s me rejection. – This type involves your prospect recognizing some defect in her person and uses this as an excuse to disassociate with you.
There is someone else rejection. – Your prospect has been entertaining more than one suitor and has finally decided on who she thinks is best – who don’t happen to be you.
Whatever you do, the most important thing is not to over react by writing back. Responding while still angry and hurt will result to some really drastic measures, one that you may later regret. The pain of rejection does not disappear overnight. Rejection takes some time to get over and it involves a lot of work which some are not really prepared to do.

Dealing with rejection, building personal resilience


“Control your emotions and face the rejection”

Living a meaningful life involves the capacity to be resilient. And to be resilient involves learning how to deal with rejection. In a recent TED talk in Hong Kong, researchers shared some insight into how to effectively deal with rejection: reflection, reboot and reject.
Reflecting on why the rejection happened is important to give you an insight about your prospect’s reaction since in the final analysis, it’s never about you.
This leads you to reboot. Starting over again in order to use a different approach or offer new information to convince your prospect to agree with you. At this point they may or may not change their minds.
This brings us to a third response – to reject. Not everyone operates on the same space. No matter what you may say or do, there will always be someone who will reject you. Understanding the motivation of others can help us to decide whether we should continue to connect or simply walk away. By allowing yourself permission to reject rejection after undergoing the 2 previous steps, you ensure that you don’t become a prisoner of your own thoughts and you get to open yourself to new opportunities to connect with others meaningfully.
It takes courage to know your core essence, the kind that does not depend on external factors for its value. Learning how to effectively deal with rejection strengthens and builds your resilience allowing for more meaningful encounters with people who matter.

Rejection and online relationships

Forming online relationships involve that we open ourselves to other cyber citizens. We make ourselves available by becoming members in online dating sites and in social media. To find a great dating site with very good results, simply Google best online dating sites. This will ensure that you can become a member of a respectable community.
No one likes to be rejected. If you have never met your prospect personally and she fails to return your email, you can’t take this personally. While mingling and searching, it is best to avoid depression – the result of a rejection – by keeping a certain level of detachment.
If you have exchanged a significant amount of emails and you get a brush off, you still can’t take this personally either. There are more prospects out there waiting for you to find them. People who leave your life make way for quality persons to enter – the kind who does deserve your time and attention.

Coping with your online “special loss”


“Deal with the losses”

1. Don’t personalize a rejection. – If your prospect employs any of the factual rejection tactics mentioned earlier, you will never exactly know their true reason for rejecting you. Needless to say, you can thank them for the favor. By rejecting you, they gave you an opportunity to look for someone who could be a better match for you.

2. Do not pursue a rejecter. – Learn to let go of people who don’t want to be with you. The more you pursue them, the more likely they will flee. It’s human nature to run away from someone who pursues you avidly.

3. Patience is a virtue and in online dating it certainly is! – The online dating world is full of people looking for love. In a recent poll, it was discovered that a third of marriages celebrated from 2005 to 2012 had its origin in the internet. There will be more opportunities for you and it doesn’t end just because somebody gave you a polite brush off. Learn to say: NEXT!

4. Look out for warning signs. – These little red flags are warning signs that tell you that something is not right and you’re better off with someone else. These warning signs can actually tell you ahead of time that things may not be exactly as rosy as it looks. Try to keep an open mind and do not be in denial of your rejecter’s negative qualities. It will make moving on much easier.

5. Allow yourself to be sad. – A loss is loss and it’s perfectly normal to feel dejected after having kept your hopes high only to get rejected for one reason or another. Don’t let this rejection get you down. Process it in order to strengthen your personal resilience as discussed earlier and see yourself meet more eligible partners worthy of your time.

6. Do not label yourself a reject. – The search for love doesn’t end because you just got rejected. You are merely participating in a selection process that will ultimately find its resolution when you meet the person you have been dreaming of. For now, accept the fact that you may have to meet a lot of undesirables in your quest for true love.

Start Your Own Web-Based Business, Now!

In only a matter of two decades, the Internet has shaped the whole world tremendously. Almost everything in the real world can be done on the Internet, and businessmen have since migrated to the Internet platform as soon as they have discovered the earning potential of the Internet. If you happen to have an existing business and would want to migrate as well into the Internet platform, or someone who would want to invest their time and money on the earning potential of the Internet, then you should start your very own web-based business. Here are the steps on how to start your own web-based business:

1. Determine the Product/Business Plan

If you’ve already decided on putting up a business online and have already determined the source of your capital, then you should first determine your product/business plan. You must first assess the market for certain trends and demands in the internet. With this data, you can then determine the kind of service you are going to put up on the internet. Or if you already have an existing business, find out if a web-based model can be applicable to your own business.

2. Determine Your Location on the Internet

After ironing out all your business plans, you can then purchase your own domain name. The domain name is the Internet address of your business, and this is somewhat crucial because it can affect how people interact with your website.

3. Pimp Your Website

If your domain name is already established, you can now work on your website. The first thing to do is to hire a professional webpage designer and programmer to visualize your business into the Internet web page. It is essential to direct them to what you want your website to look like and how it would operate. You must also determine the mode of transaction of your online business, whether it be through the internet directly, or through referrals outside the internet.

Starting Your Own Business

Starting Your Own Business

4. Optimize Your Website

Sadly, in today’s modern world, it is not enough just to put up your own website and sit around and wait for your customers to come crashing in. It doesn’t work that way. What you must do is to hire a Search Engine Optimizer; someone who can optimize your website to be readily visible in search engines. Search engine optimization is now becoming a necessity, and you should hire one to make sure that your website gets to places.

5. Improve Continuously on the Website

Starting a Business

Starting a Business

Contrary to popular belief, web-based business can earn profit through effective advertisements. You can utilize the services of GoogleAdsense, or you can include third-party advertisers you can feature in the website. Also, it is important to advertise your website constantly through the use of social media like Facebook and Twitter. Get your own official Facebook and Twitter accounts for your online business so that people can connect with your business more.

Infallible Tips on How to Know If She’s The One to Marry

Married life is very far from what the cinemas depict: a never-ending happy and lovely story for you and your partner. But no, it doesn’t stop there. There are things that can never be done in a married life compared to the single life. It is a choice that needs a lot of discernment and thinking. So you’re in a relationship with a woman, and the thought of getting serious with her pops into your head; what do you do? How can you tell if she’s the one to marry or not? If in case you’ve already welcomed the idea of getting married, and are physically, financially and spiritually ready to tie the knot, then you must prepare yourself to be emotionally ready. Here are 4 tips on how to know if she’s the right one.

1. Very Strong Mutual Attraction

Men should determine if they are mutually attracted to their partners before going into a serious consideration of getting married. What this means is that men should get attracted to their partners not through her physical traits but as a human being as a whole. This is very important in the married life, and a strong mutual attraction between two partners is a strong indication of a very happy marriage life. To determine how strong your mutual attraction is, ask yourself the following questions: will I be attracted to her even though her appearance would change in the future? Will I be attracted to here even though I have to deal with her negative habits in the future?

she is the one for you!

she is the one for you!

2. A Very Good Grasp of the Future

Does your partner depend on your relationship emotionally and financially? Does your partner have no clear goals in life? Often, these are recipes for divorce, because women who don’t have a very good grasp or vision of their future ends up a train wreck. Make sure that the woman you love has clear goals in life, whether you are in it or not. You should also determine if your partner can live on her own effort. That way, you can be pretty sure of having a stable relationship after marriage.

3. She Values Your Relationship as Well as Their Relationship with Your Families and Friends

A very strong indication that a woman is the right one to marry is their very strong relationship with your families and friends. If your woman gets along very well with your families as well as your friends, then your woman is very open to the possibility of sharing a future with you and your loved ones. This is also true if your partner also is interested in getting repairing bad relationships that might have happen. It doesn’t necessarily mean that women should be like this before getting into a marriage; but this is a very strong indicator for most successful relationships.

4. Genuine Love for Each Other

relationship with this woman

relationship with this woman

This one may be pretty straightforward, but if you don’t truly love your partner, then might as well reconsider your marriage plans. Determine whether you and your partner have a very genuine love for each other. This one’s very tricky, as it heavily relies on instinct and emotion. Nevertheless, if you’re really sure of your love to your partner, then you can determine if you’re ready or not.

Feel Like You’re 25 Again, Now And Forever More

Romantic Words

Romantic Words

Age is the one thing that nothing of this earth can withstand. With people, it hits some harder than others, and in case you’ve been feeling just a bit too old for your taste lately, keep reading. We’ll revisit some of the old secrets that will get you feeling young once more.


Stay Active


The advice doesn’t get any simpler than this. Changing your lifestyle to truly abide by it is a different matter all together. Is your TV/computer your best friend? Can’t wait to get home from work and just sit down and turn off your mind? To not move for a while? These are all signs that your body is starting to slow down. Do you have a say in it? Of course you do! You just have to find some form of motivation to get you off your behind and back out into the world. Note that, with age, slowing down is most natural and you shouldn’t fight it with all your might and try to remain a teenager forever. But lately it seems that the trend has reversed – young people of only 40 or 50 springs feel and act like they have 20 more on their backs. Making the jump from 45 to 25 is hard, making the jump from fictional 65 to 25 is nearly impossible.

So, don’t let yourself become an elderly person before your time, as the old saying IS true, you are only as old as you feel. Stay physically active, and most importantly, stay in touch with the world around you. I must stress here that there is no need for you to dress like you are 20 if you aren’t. But take a look at technology, at society, at the improvement of mankind, and try as much as you can to let go of the past. Keep a fond memory of it, but don’t let your past life dictate your thoughts on everything new.

Do NOT Reject New Experiences

The secret to acting, feeling and being perceived as young by heart is your will to live, and thus to experience life to its fullest. Sadly, most people get tired of living after the age of 40-ish, deeming they have enough experience to not need anything new out of life. You want to feel 25 again? Get in your car, visit a shopping center, and let your mind wonder. Check out the new technology, and don’t be afraid to ask about it because you’re older than the rest of the people there. Listen to new kinds of music, tryout a popular beverage; take your pick. The point is to try and not reject anything just because you see it for the first time and your first instinct is RUN AWAY. In my experience, the main difference between a 25 and a 50 year old is the enthusiasm for progress. While the first welcomes most of it without question, the other rejects it as they start to long for the olden days. That is completely natural and part of growing old, granted, but if you want to feel young again, you have to go against nature here. It’s as simple as that. So grab that new smartphone and start being amazed rather than being repulsed. It does wonders.

love can lead to the real thing

love can lead to the real thing

There are a few other things, like exercising regularly, eating healthy, and being proactive instead of passive that will also help you feel younger, as your body will get rejuvenated through those. But as you start feeling younger in spirit, these things will start to interest you without additional effort. So to sum up: is there a holy grail of eternal youth? There is, if you want it to exist. No big secrets, no extreme planning, just a bit of effort on your part to get out of your comfort zone for a bit. It can, and will do miracles. Good luck!

How Stocks and Bonds Can Help Build Your Nest Egg

Generally speaking, building your nest egg is one of the challenges of the average working individual. With so many important things to spend on like food, utilities, education to important things to plan on like home purchase, car and travel – you wonder “how else can I save for my golden years?”

Financial experts say that the years we live as a retiree outnumber the years we live as a working professional or as an employee. That said, if you have not saved for this future period in your life then how are you going to sustain the same lifestyle you were accustomed to? Strangely so that in the present, we find it too easy to save for the things we want yet find it so hard to set aside money for the things we need. Truly, the impact of product or service hype through various media compels us to buy, buy and buy. Sadly, only little has been said about save, save, save.

This goes without saying that saving for the future is a personal responsibility, not the company you work with nor the government. If you have at least 15 to 20 years down the road before your retirement, then you better take advantage of the time you now have in your hands. And the only way you can get faster to your sizeable nest egg is by investing in stocks and bonds.

Investing in Stocks

Build a Nest Egg

Build a Nest Egg

Gone are the days where investing in stocks are limited to the junkies of Wall Street. Warren Buffet, the face of value investing, shows us that simply investing in big, strong and reputable companies can help build wealth for you in 10 to 15 years’ time. When you buy a stock, you are actually buying a portion of the company and given its potential for future business growth, your investment grows along with it. The amount of share you buy now will appreciate in value 5, 10, 20 or even 50 times in the future. That is why stocks is a great choice for long term investment.

If you have at least 10, 15 or 20 years to go till retirement, it’s wise to set aside 70% of your investment money in buying stocks. The reason? Because you have this much time to ride with the ups and downs of the market before you will need your money back. By the time you need to liquidate them they already have grown in value probably more than what you would expect.


Investing in Bonds


divvy up your retirement nest egg

divvy up your retirement nest egg

Similarly, investing in bonds is equally a good idea and this can go along your stock portfolio. These instruments are good for short to mid-term time horizon of about 3 or 5 to 10 years. Bonds have a fixed return on your investment which makes them relatively safe or risk-free and barely unaffected by any market condition. However, the drawback is that the return is usually low. But you can count on these investments to fund any financial plans you may have within the next 3 to 5 or 10 years.

3 Secrets For Successfully Negotiating a Raise

Every hard-worker deserves a raise. Surely, all those sleepy mornings, late dismissals and overtimes are done by every employee just so that he/she deserves a raise from his/her job. What better way to improve the quality of one’s life than earning more than what you deserve. Unless of course you consider yourself a loyal, hardworking, and a dedicated employee, you definitely deserve a raise. After giving it sometime to think on it, and assuming that you truly deserve it, the question that is vital to answer now is ‘How the hell can I negotiate for a raise?’

Now most people will argue that negotiating a raise is very simple, as long as you can prove that you are worth it. But this is not always the case, as most companies have bosses who pretty much don’t care how long you’ve been performing or how good are you performing as long as you do the job well. There’s just no easy way to negotiate for a raise. But contrary to popular belief, there are secrets that are shared by businessmen all around the world on how to negotiate for a raise. Here are three secrets that came from these businessmen and experts around the world that have reached into a consensus on how to negotiate for a raise.

Do Not Wait For the Raise to Come to You

This may sound funny at first. But when you acquire the attitude of being proactive, you’ll definitely get the raise you want. This is the first and most important step, and most people forget how important the mind works. If you instill in your subconscious that you need to negotiate your raise by yourself, you get to manifest confidence and self-worth that can convince your boss the raise you truly deserve.

You Can Strengthen Your Negotiation Skills

You Can Strengthen Your Negotiation Skills

Tell Your Employer That You Want To Grow In the Company

It is not a sufficient reason to ask a raise from your employer just because you deserve it. An employer will immediately think that once they give you the raise, you might end up slacking off or going back to mediocrity. Instead, tell your employers that you want to grow in the company as much as you want the company to grow too. With this, you ensure the employer you’re not just asking a raise for your own sake, but for the sake of the excellence and output of the company.

Give Your Employer Hard Evidence for Your Great Performance

relationship with your manager is positive

relationship with your manager is positive

No science has succeeded without the proof of evidence, and neither will your raise too. It is very important for your employer to see how much you’ve grown in a definite amount of time—one year may be an industry standard. Also there are companies that are big enough for the principals to see as a whole how much you’ve improved in the company. Instead, give them hard evidence like your outputs, your attendances, and how you treat your boss and your employees. That way, when you negotiate for your raise, you can actually convince your employer that you are a good asset to the company.